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Basic ORM Package

With our Reputation Monitoring and Review Management service, we actively monitor the online presence of your business, interact with consumers, and manage reviews. Here’s what you can get out of the Basic ORM Package.

  • Online Mention Monitoring

Using cutting-edge methods, we keep track of online mentions of your company’s name, goods, or services on a variety of digital platforms. This includes websites for reviews, news stories, and social networking platforms. We can respond swiftly to any new reputational issues or consumer complaints by monitoring internet discussions.

  • Review management

We regularly monitor, and address consumer reviews posted on websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and sector-specific review portals. Positive evaluations are recognized, and any bad criticism is immediately and properly handled, thanks to the efforts of our staff. By interacting with clients, we show that we care about their happiness and foster trust.

  • Sentiment Analysis

To determine how your brand is perceived in general, we examine the sentiment of internet mentions and reviews. This makes it easier to see patterns, changes in opinion, and possible reputation threats. We can create methods to promote good sentiment and successfully handle any bad sentiment by analyzing how your brand is regarded.

Advanced ORM Package

Our complete solutions to protect your brand’s image and handle issues involving that reputation are included in our Brand Protection and Crisis Management package. Our bundle includes the following features in addition to those included in the Reputation Monitoring and Review Management package.

  • Proactive Reputation Protection

We put methods into place to proactively safeguard the reputation of your brand. This entails keeping an eye on possible reputation risks, spotting and responding to unfavourable information, and creating proactive content initiatives to support strong brand message.

  • Crisis Management strategy

To direct your brand’s reaction to crises affecting its reputation, we design a thorough crisis management strategy. Our team sets up procedures, communication plans, and key messaging to guarantee a prompt and efficient reaction to lessen the harm and repair the image of your company.

  • Support for Media Relations and Public Relations

During crises, we aid with media relations and public relations. To lessen the effect of bad news on your brand’s image, our staff handles media requests, writes press releases, and organizes communication.