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Basic SMO Package

For companies who are just starting their social media journey or have a tight budget, our Starter SMO Package is ideal. This bundle offers a strong platform for creating a vibrant social media presence and interacting with your audience. What our Starter SMO Package gives is as follows:

  • Setting up social media accounts

We make sure that your brand’s identity and values are reflected in the social media profiles we design and optimize for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • Content Development

Our team of creative experts creates interesting social media posts, captions, and graphics that are customized to your brand’s voice and goals. We put a lot of effort into engaging your audience and motivating them to act.

  • Social media posting and scheduling

We take care of managing your social media accounts by regularly scheduling and posting updates. This guarantees fast and constant content distribution, boosting the exposure of your business and preserving audience engagement.

  • Engagement with Audience

We keep an eye on and react to audience engagements on your social media sites, such as comments, messages, and reviews. We enhance brand loyalty by actively interacting with your audience to create deep relationships.

Advanced SMO Package

Businesses wishing to increase the effect of their social media presence and take it to the next level should choose our Advanced SMO Package. The following benefits are offered by our Advanced SMO Package in addition to those found in the Starter SMO Package:

  • Development of Social Media Strategies

We collaborate closely with you to create a complete social media plan that is suited to your company’s objectives. In order to plan your social media efforts, this entails identifying target audiences, setting key performance indicators (KPIs), and constructing a content schedule.

  • Content optimization

We tweak your social media posts to increase interaction and audience. To increase the exposure and shareability of your content, do things like include pertinent hashtags, eye-catching images, and current subjects.

  • Influencer Partnerships

To increase the visibility and engagement of your business, we find and work with the right influencers in your sector. We increase brand recognition and drive traffic to your social media accounts by using influencer collaborations to reach their existing audiences.

  • Advertising on social media

To increase your reach and draw in new customers, we create and implement targeted social media advertising apps. To get the best outcomes, this comprises audience segmentation, ad creative creation, budget management, and ongoing optimization.