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Basic PPC Package

For companies wishing to build their online presence and have an effect with their advertising campaigns, our Starter PPC Package is the best option. This bundle concentrates on core PPC elements to provide a solid foundation for achievement. What our Starter PPC Package provides is as follows.

  • Setup of Ad Campaigns

We set up your PPC ad campaigns on many websites, including Google Ads and social networking websites. This include setting up targeting options, establishing ad accounts, and organizing campaigns.

  • Keyword Research

Identifying relevant and effective keywords for your ad campaigns requires thorough keyword research, which we carry out. We assist you in reaching your target audience and maximizing the efficacy of your advertising by helping you select the appropriate keywords.

  • Ad Copy Development

Our team of talented copywriters creates engaging ads that grab attention, convey your distinctive value proposition, and encourage clicks. Our main goal is to provide interesting advertising that appeals to and piques the attention of your target market.

  • Ad Monitoring and Optimization

To optimize results, we regularly track the effectiveness of your PPC advertising and make data-driven adjustments. To increase click-through rates and conversion rates, this entails modifying prices, fine-tuning targeting options, and tweaking ad wording.

Advanced PPC Package

Our Advanced PPC Package is intended for companies who want to significantly increase the effectiveness of their online advertising campaigns. The following benefits are offered by our Advanced PPC Package in addition to those found in the Starter PPC Package.

  • Landing Page Optimization

We make your landing pages more user-friendly and consistent with your PPC advertisements. We improve conversion rates and raise ROI by fine-tuning landing page components including headlines, call-to-action buttons, and form positions.

  • Ad Extensions

We use ad extensions to increase your PPC advertising’ exposure and effect. Sitelink extensions, phone extensions, location extensions, and other pertinent extensions that offer more information and promote user involvement are examples of this.

  • Remarketing Campaigns

To re-engage consumers who have already engaged with your website or app, we build remarketing campaigns. By displaying tailored advertising to these users, we improve brand recognition, boost conversions, and promote recurring interaction.

  • Conversion Tracking and Reporting

To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your PPC ads, we set up conversion tracking. Our statistics on important data, including click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per conversion, and return on ad spend (ROAS), are sent on a regular basis. You can make wise judgments and maximize the efficacy of your efforts with the aid of these insights.